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Further it is crucial and lifesaving that secondary hyperkalemic paralysis must be looked into while a patient is being evaluated for differential diagnosis of flaccid paralysis.
A study by Acker et al., ECG abnormalities were shown in only 14% of 242 hyperkalemic patients.
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Type 2 is characterized by hypertension and hyperkalemic metabolic acidosis with low renin and aldosterone values (4, 8); it is therefore excluded in the present case.
RTA type IV, also called hyperkalemic RTA, is caused by either aldosterone deficiency or resistance of the renal tubule to the actions of aldosterone.
An unexpected hyperkalemic response to succinylcholine during electro-convulsive therapy for catatonic schizophrenia.
Overall there were a total of 52 [0.72%] hyperkalemic events of which 34 [0.9%] were in RASI therapy group while 18 [0.5%] in the placebo group.
Hyperkalemic distal renal tubular acidosis associated with obstructive uropathy.