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Hypericum perforatum

Herbal medicine
Popularly known as Saint John’s wort, see there.

A homeopathic remedy (referred to simply as Hypericum) used for neuralgias or injuries affecting a nerve-rich body region (e.g., the fingers or lips). It is also used to treat asthma, back pain, crush injuries, puncture wounds and toothache.
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Peaks were identified by comparison of their retention times (Rt) (1 = 8.0 min; 2 = 6.2 min; 3 = 8.2 min; 4 = 11.5 min; 5 = 19.4 min; 6 = 8.8 min; 7 = 5.7 min; 8 = 7.3 min) and co-injection with authentic standards isolated from Hypericum species (benzophenones 1 and 2 from H.
This is the first study reporting the leishmanicidai activity for Hypericum species on L amazonensis.
Significant differences in the leishmanicidai activity of extracts obtained from different Hypericum species were observed.
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Polyphenol compounds such as tannins, flavonoids and phenolic acids were the most prominent components of the crude extracts investigated and could contribute to the antimicrobial activity of the Hypericum species extracts.
Condensed tannins are found frequently in Hypericum species and can be present in high levels (up to 16%) (Kartnig et al.
In Hypericum species, flavonoids are abundant, representing 11% in the flowers and 7% in the leaves of H.
Crude extracts of other native Hypericum species will also be evaluated against bacteria and fungi.
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