Lot’s Wife Syndrome

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A rare condition characterised by exuberant ‘metastatic’ calcification—mineralization of soft tissues—due to
(1) Chronic hypodipsic hypernatremia—a condition with normal blood volume and renal function or
(2) Hyperparathyroidism and/or hypervitaminosis D with major bone resorption
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* Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D deficiency is common in the general population--often up to 90-100% of subjects in large population-based studies--and causes intracellular hypercalcinosis (24) via elevated PTH levels and contributes to chronic HTN (25) via endothelial dysfunction, systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, and activation of the reninangiotensin-aldosterone system.
Intracellular Hypercalcinosis: A Functional Nutritional Disorder with Implications Ranging from Myofascial Trigger Points to Affective Disorders, Hypertension, and Cancer.
" Intake of excess vitamin and calcium supplements can cause hypervitaminosis and hypercalcinosis -- both which cause skin and hair problems.
More than 100 cases have been reported (1) since Bryant and White (2) first described a case of hypercalcinosis in a 6-month-old child with hydronephrosis in 1898.