hyperbaric medicine

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hy·per·bar·ic med·i·cine

the medicinal use of high barometric pressure, usually in specially constructed chambers, to increase oxygen content of blood and tissues.
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The team used a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease and built a custom-made hyperbaric oxygen chamber suitable for small animals.
To donate towards Ms Howitt's hyperbaric oxygen chamber go to www.
The Brimfield woman, who has neck cancer that's in remission, gets into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber each morning at The Wound Care Center at Harrington, 10 North Main St.
The club then organised a visit for me to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber as it apparently speeds up injuries through stimulating white blood cells.
Progress then stalled but has had a boost since he's been going into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for an hour every day.
Ponting has spent time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help his chances of being fit to play on Boxing Day and will give his elbow every chance to recover in time by not putting any added strain on it.
Now the Sechrist 2500B hyperbaric oxygen chamber - in which Jackson was pictured in 1986 - is holed up in a storage depot in San Diego, California.
To give the stem cell therapy maximum chance success, Joshua first had to spend an hour a day for a year in a 7ft by 3ft hyperbaric oxygen chamber installed in the family home.
A patient is placed on a gurney and moved into a mono-place hyperbaric oxygen chamber and breathes oxygen in a pressurized environment for two hours for five days per week.
Salt Lake City -- INTER MOUNTAIN MEDICAL CENTER recently opened its new hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
I can foresee that sometime in the future every sports team, after every football game or basketball game, will have players jumping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber .