hyperbaric medicine

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hy·per·bar·ic med·i·cine

the medicinal use of high barometric pressure, usually in specially constructed chambers, to increase oxygen content of blood and tissues.
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The team used a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease and built a custom-made hyperbaric oxygen chamber suitable for small animals.
| To donate towards Ms Howitt's hyperbaric oxygen chamber go to www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/crps-paige-howitt
The idea was inspired by his favourite past-time whilst sitting in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (which mimicked a space ship) for hours each week, looming.
The speakers acknowledged that parents have been bombarded with useless and sometimes dangerous therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, homeopathy and chelation.
SAN DIEGO -- Low-dose naltrexone and repeated visits to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber are two novel potential therapies for fibromyalgia that showed promise in separate studies presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.
The Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber helps with circulation of the blood, especially in the legs, which is a problem for those who suffer from diabetes.
The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is another example of best in service equipment, he added.
Right inset: A hyperbaric oxygen chamber which the couple believe would improve their daughter's condition
The Brimfield woman, who has neck cancer that's in remission, gets into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber each morning at The Wound Care Center at Harrington, 10 North Main St.
The club then organised a visit for me to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber as it apparently speeds up injuries through stimulating white blood cells.
"Progress then stalled but has had a boost since he's been going into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for an hour every day.