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Robert, Bohemian ophthalmologist, *1877. See: Koerber-Salus-Elschnig syndrome.
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I look forward to working with the Hygieia board and management team because I believe this comprehensive, connected-health solution has great potential to benefit everyone involved with and impacted by insulin therapy.
Indeed, the drinking snake became particularly associated with depictions of Asklepios and Hygieia, and in its abbreviated form, as the "Cup of Health" (showing a snake drinking out of a cup), it has become today an internationally recognized symbol for a pharmacy (Fig.
Last year, recruitment agency Pertemps invested in the cream so that it could be mass-marketed by Mr Bennett under the banner of Hygieia Pharmaceuticals.
Super (1955) identified this focus as hygiology, from the Greek goddess Hygieia who was the protector of mental and physical health.
I swear by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Hygieia, and Panaceia, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation .
to make) ch ieia * HYGIEIA (health) ch ieio * HYGIEIOLATRY st ieoe ieou * IEOUKE (jouk) ieui PIEUISH (peevish) iiaa * IIAAO * (hard mouldy poi) haw iiao * IIAO * (fish) haw iiee iieu iiii * IIII * (sleepless-Tahitian) iioa rRIIOASA (Romania) iioo iiue iiuu ioai * OIAOIA * (to entwine) haw ioea * KIOEA * (a curlew) w2 ioeo PEDIOEOS (Cyprus) ioie IOIEN (joy) ioiu VARIOIUS (various) iooi ioua * SIOUAN iouo * KULIOUOU (location) iuae * IUAERE (an associate) iuau * CHIUAUS (see hambargh13) iuei * PERSIUEIR (persevere) iuia UIUIA (type of beer) haw iuio NIUIOUS (niveous) iuoe IUOERE (ivory) iuou * REUIUOUR * (revivor) iuui * IUUI * (yew) VTs accounted for: 90 (to date * 43; new 47) VTs not accounted for: 35 total 125 Table 4.
After the publication of Hygieia, I received numerous letters from people who called themselves "right-to-lifers" and at first thought them obnoxious.
He cited the oath's beginning, in which the new physician swears by Apollo, Aesculapius, Hygieia, Panacea, and all the other Greek gods and goddesses.