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1. a partially oxidized derivative of ammonia; reacts with carbonyl groups to produce oximes; forms acid salts, for example, hydroxylamine hydrochloride. It is a chemical mutagen that causes deamination of cytosine residues in DNA.
2. Any compound containing RNH-OH.
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Additive E with hydroxylamine, on the other hand, has a rather positive effect on both early and final strengths of the cement.
These types of stabilization systems are usually based on a combination of powerful melt-processing stabilizers, such as phosphites, hydroxylamines, tocopherols, or blends of these chemistries, in combination with hindered amines--which provide not only excellent UV stability, but also good long-term thermal stability.
The hydrogenolytic cleavage of the N-O bond of the hydroxylamine 10a,b has been also improved and takes place also quantitatively (+30-40% with respect to the previous method) [19] by performing the reaction with Pd/C 10% in ethyl acetate at room temperature for 3h (extended time).
A patent was lately published where it was shown that hydroxylamine salts are combustion improvers [102].
The potential of 17 hydroxylamine derivatives as wood preservatives was assessed on ponderosa pine sapwood blocks exposed to one of two decay fungi: Gloeophyllum trabeum or Trametes versicolor.
(48) Nitrosamine aspects in the use of hydroxylamines to shortstop the emulsion processes of rubber latexes.
TNT degradation products include nitroaromatics, such as hydroxylamines, azoxy-, azo-, and aminotoluenes.
Kumar, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride as an Effective Catalyst for Formamide Derivative Synthesis and Their DPPH Scavenging Activity, Res.