hydroxyapatite deposition disease

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calcific tendinitis

Inflammation of a tendon accompanied by focal calcium deposits, especially common in the supraspinatus tendon of shoulder joint.

Clinical findings
Pain, decreased range of motion.

Diet—calcium restriction, magnesium supplementation; extracorporeal shock wave therapy; analgesics/NSAIDs; physical therapy—electroanalgesia, ice therapy, heat; ultrasound (uncertain efficacy), iontophoresis (uncertain efficacy), injections, needling and lavage (75% response rate); corticosteroid injections (useful if shoulder is acutely inflamed); removal of deposits by open or arthroscopic procedures yields a 90% response rate.
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hydroxyapatite deposition disease

Rheumatology A crystal-induced arthropathy Clinical Mono- or polyarticular periarthritis with joint erosions and destruction; HADD may be due to collagen vascular disease, renal failure and osteoarthritis
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