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The process of removing sulfur from a molecule.
Synonym(s): desulphurisation.
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Catalytic precursors were tested in thiophene hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and cyclohexene hydrogenation (HYD) reactions.
Inhibition and deactivation in staged hydrodenitrogenation and hydrodesulfurization of medium cycle oil over NiMoS/Al2O3 catalyst.
oil hydroconversion over hydrodesulfurization catalysts for biofuel production," Fuel, vol.
The hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenation are carried out through the following reactions [8-14]:
Keywords: Transition metal complex; Hydrodesulfurization; Hydrothermal synthesis; Precursor.
The hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of a vacuum gas oil (VGO) in a batch reactor using 3.44 MPa of hydrogen and 653 K was used for catalytic activity determinations.
Akhbari went on to say that thanks to the hard endeavors of his directors and staff, the hydrodesulfurization (HDS) unit was also put into operation.
In petroleum sector the most common method used for the removal of sulfur content in crude oil is hydrodesulfurization.HDS is execute when oil feed stock is with hydrogen in the presence of standard HDS catalyst.
Several routes can apply the Fe/Ti[O.sub.2] catalyst system including oxidation, adsorption, hydrodesulfurization, oxidative desulfurization, and biodesulfurization for organosulfur compounds removal from crude oil and refined petroleum products [2, 59].
Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and dehydrodesulfurization (DDS) processes are commonly employed to separate the sulfur from oil in the form of hydrogen sulfide [9, 10].