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The process of removing sulfur from a molecule.
Synonym(s): desulphurisation.
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Comparison of kinetic and reactor models to simulate a trickle-bed bench-scale reactor for hydrodesulfurization of VGO.
This paper discusses the non hydrodesulfurization processes, such as, extraction, oxidation, adsorption, the combination of these processes, and the combination of these processes with hydrodesulfurization to reduce the consumption of hydrogen.
Axens is a leading process licensor in the hydrodesulfurization of gasoline and diesel oils, and supplies the catalysts for such processes and is highly-evaluated internationally.
Carbide/Graphite also is the second largest producer of premium needle coke, and the proposed $30 million hydrodesulfurization facility planned for Seadrift Coke, L.
This investment will reduce the sulfur content of the mogas from the hydrodesulfurization unit from 200 parts per million (ppm) to 30 ppm and the gas oil from the new gas oil hydrotreating unit to 10 ppm.
Details of this project include new processing units for hydrodesulfurization, benzene removal and hydrogen separation, as well as integration into the existing facilities.
During the first quarter, we completed turnarounds of the Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) unit, MTBE unit, and Hydrocracker/Reformer complex at our Corpus Christi refinery.
Hydrodesulfurization (HDS): which utilizes a novel precious
He manages projects on hydrogenation and dehydrogenation, reforming, shift catalyses, gas processing, reaction kinetics of fuel cells, geopressure, steam reforming hydrodesulfurization, hydrocracking, membrane technology, dehydration and acid-gas removal.
has been awarded a contract by Kuwait Petroleum Europoort for the revamp of a vacuum unit and some hydrodesulfurization units at its refinery at Europoort, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Due to our remote location, the nature of our refinery process capabilities and environmental concerns, conventional diesel hydrodesulfurization is not feasible at our Valdez refinery," said James F.
05 per share on an after-tax basis) for the write-down of hydrodesulfurization equipment intended for use at the Pasadena refinery.