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hydrocarbons (hīˈ·drō·kärˑ·bnz),

n.pl compounds that only contain carbon and hydrogen atoms, such as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, terpenes, and arenes.
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Plants with nitrogen fixing bacteria can provide enhance microbial activity and enough nutrients and oxygen for microbes to degrade hydrocarbons once grown over oily sludge (Abid et al.
We will continue to create scalable capabilities to better serve the hydrocarbon and revenue accounting needs of our clients.
The answer to the SMA search became obvious very quickly: The PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer PHA100Plus.
A sharp and sustained fall in the oil price or in hydrocarbon export volumes would significantly dent their economic and financial indicators," said Trevor Cullinan a credit analyst with Standard & Poor's.
The atoms in the complex hydrocarbons are present in an amount indicating that more than a single generation of stars produced them, says Helou.
In this article we illustrate how research in our laboratory and others over the past 10-15 years has advanced our knowledge of hydrocarbons and their degradation under anaerobic conditions.
In the polyisocyanurate (PLR) board-stock market, where cost and the need for a liquid blowing agent system are more crucial, hydrocarbons and their blends are now the preferred choice.
As for Ray's second claim, hydrocarbons contribute to increasing the level of ozone in smog by a very indirect route.
The hydrocarbon gases released by the coal also coat the mold cavity with a thin layer of lustrous carbon.
Natural sources--trees, natural swamps and wastelands--emit approximately 25 percent of the hydrocarbons going into our air.