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Hydrocal (hī´drōkal),

n the brand name for a gypsum product, a-hemihydrate, known as artificial stone. It is used for making casts.
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Calsol naphthenic process oils are refined from a select blend of naphthenic crudes using the Hydrocal II process.
Elsewhere, Reclining Snowman, 2001, is a playful take on Minimalist formal conventions, as it features three white Hydrocal spheres of increasing scales unceremoniously arranged on a low Formica platform to evoke the subject of their title.
Her large cast panels - she works them in clay and then casts them in Hydrocal, a strong plasterlike substance - have a look that's both ancient and contemporary.
Dene, SLI Lighting president, in the purchase, which includes the corporate offices and hydrocal, iron, and lamp shade production facility in Ellwood City, Pa.
Designed and developed specifically for specialty naphthenic lube oil production, the Hydrocal II high-pressure hydrotreating process features a computerized, distributed control system for precision control of the multi-stage catalytic reaction zones.
Decorative lamps will continue to be an important product line for our Company, but we will utilize other sources for these products and will no longer remain in the business of manufacturing hydrocal lamps.
Indeed, her use of Hydrocal, a white gypsum cement, evidences an emphasis on making that displaces, or at least forestalls, incursions of exogenous meaning--or meaning apart from finding, manipulating, and making.
Mastercraft had particularly strong interest in its contemporary and transitional glass lamps, large brushed steel lamps, hurricanes and ceramic lamps in decorative finishes that resemble similar hydrocal looks.
The couch as artifact of the everyday is once again the theme in Couple, 2010, shown at Derek Eller; it sags deeply under the weight of a hulking Hydrocal plaster duo connected from the necks down, like Siamese twins.
The 100,000-square-foot complex houses woodworking, ceramic production, automated hydrocal production, and paint and custom- finishing facilities that expand its production capacity in the effort to reduce lead times.
The foremost attraction were Hydrocal casts of the Carpenter Center mounted on wooden prostheses.