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A substance derived from aldehydes and ketones by reaction with hydrazine or a hydrazine derivative to give the grouping R'R"C=N-NHR.
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A solution of synthesized sugar hydrazones 7a-d (10 mmole) in pyridine (10 ml) was allowed to react with acetic anhydride (0.06 mole) at room temperature with stirring for overnight.
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The synthesis of the hydrazones containing quinoline heterocycles was performed following the steps shown in Scheme 1.
Also the metal complexes of hydrazones are proved to be the best luminescent probes (6), nonlinear optics, catalysts (7) and molecular sensors (8) etc.
It usually refers to a process that forms reactive ketones or aldehydes that can be reacted by 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) to form hydrazones. (26) Oxidative modification of proteins is known to affect protein function.
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