Wound care A foam wound dressing. See Dressing.
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Phildius continued, "As we have previously noted, our foam business continues to be negatively impacted by the lack of sales by the new distributor of our Hydrasorb product line.
Also available is Hydrasorb, the new hydrophilic additive that enhances absorbency in polypropylene material.
Phildius, Chairman and CEO commented, "Our total revenue continues to be negatively impacted by the decline in Hydrasorb sales through our U.
This is primarily attributed to the transition to our new distributor for the Hydrasorb product line.
We believe consumers will come to associate the Hydrasorb trademark with the quality represented by our new ultra towel, which should enhance store sales and consumer loyalty," Woodlief concluded.
The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products and services including Hydrasorb, a proprietary line of polyurethane wound care dressings.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Avitar (BULLETIN BOARD: AVTI) ("Company") has signed a distribution agreement with Dukal Corporation for Avitar's Hydrasorb (TM) polyurethane foam wound dressing product line to replace the Company's existing distributor.
Dukal Corporation will distribute Hydrasorb to acute care hospitals as well as subacute, long-term and other health care facilities throughout the U.