Orthopecis A hyaluronate used to treat osteoarthritic knee pain in Pts unresponsive to conservative therapy or simple analgesics; it is injected directly into the knee; relief lasts up to 6 months. See Osteoarthritis.
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Products of viscosupplementation market covered in this research include Adant, Arthrum, Curavisc, Durolane, Euflexxa, Fermathron, Gel-One, Go-On, Hyalgan, Hyalubrix and HyalOne, Jonexa, NeoVisc, Orthovisc and Monovisc, Ostenil, Recosyn, RenehaVis, Supartz/ARTZ, Suplasyn, Suvenyl, Synocrom, Synolis V-A, Synovial, Synvisc and Synvisc-One, Gel-Syn (IBSA Institut Biochimique S.
Intraarticular sodium hyaluronate (Hyalgan) in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized clinical trial: Hyalgan Study Group.
Other Products--Hyaluronic acid products like Hyalgan and Synvisc mimic a naturally occurring body substance that lubricates the knee joint and permits flexible joint movement without pain.
In clinical trials, injection of Synvisc once weekly for 3 weeks or Hyalgan once weekly for 5 weeks resulted in pain relief and functional improvement lasting 6 months or more.
Aldo Donati, President of Fidia Pharma USA, states: "The Conference is an excellent venue for partnering discussions as we look to strengthen our presence in the US market and expand our portfolio with new products that are synergic to our flagship product HYALGAN (sodium hyaluronate, intra-articular injections for the treatment of pain in osteoarthritis of the knee) and our wound care line.
One of two drugs, Hyalgan (hyaluronan) or Synvisc (Hylan) is injected directly into the joint to replace the hyaluronic acid and help the joint move freely.
2 million of bone growth stimulation product sales and $467,000 of Hyalgan royalties.
PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS/INNOVATIONS II-25 Innocoll Completes Phase 2 Studies of XaraColl II-25 Abbott Receives European CE Mark for Healon EndoCoat OVD II-25 Innocoll Obtains EU Approval of CollaGUARD Surgical Adhesion Barrier II-25 LSP Bio Introduces SportVis (TM) and RenehaVis (TM) II-26 Lupin launches Hyalgan in India II-26 TiGenix Unveils ChondroMimetic (TM) II-26 TiGenix Develops Collagen Biomaterial for Regenerative Repair II-26 Lincoln Pharma Introduces Collagen Bio-Tech Products II-27 Healthpoint Launches SANTYL Ointment for Canadian Market II-27 Teijin Pharma Introduces SYNVISC in Japan II-27 MiMedx Group Introduces New Paradis Vaso Shield (TM) Device II-28 Lifecore Introduces Corgel (TM) Biohydrogel II-28
Commercial rights to HYALGAN transitioned from Sanofi back to Fidia, the brand's owner and manufacturer
7 million in bone growth stimulation product sales and $904,000 in Hyalgan royalties.