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Christian, Dutch physicist, 1629-1695. See: Huygens ocular, Huygens principle.
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The ionization front known as the "Bright Bar" is the strikingly straight edge running from the northeast to the southwest border of the Huygens region.
In addition Cassini carried a smaller European Space Agency probe, Huygens, designed to land on Titan.
Calculation speed is the main drawback of Huygens PSF method.
Somewhat bowdlerized, Huygens's diary was originally published during the 1870s and 1880s (available through the digital library of Dutch literature: http://
Individual chapters exploring Huygens's observations on the Glorious Revolution of 1688 (Chapter 3), gossip and sex (Chapter 10), and raising children (Chapter 12), for example, are ideally suited as introductions to their respective topics, and are generally adequately supported by references to secondary literature.
The spacecraft originally carried two primary parts: the NASA-developed Cassini Orbiter, named after the Italian-French astronomer Giovanno Domenico Cassini, who discovered four of Saturn's moons, and the ESA-created Huygens Probe, named for Huygens.
Huygens and Eddie Ahern beat Shavansky (Jimmy Fortune) and Licence To Till (Joe Fanning, pink) in the 1m2f handicap
Smeds discovered that, while the communications system worked fine in static testing, it would fail when Huygens separated from Cassini because the planned relative velocities between the two would render the communications link inoperative.
Driehonderd brieven over muziek van, aan en rond Constantijn Huygens.
At the 24th Annual Congress of the game Go, held in Portland, Oregon,the brand-new Dutch supercomputer Huygens defeated a human Go professional in an official match with a 9-stones handicap.