Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan

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Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan

Brit. surgeon and pathologist, 1828–1913.

Hutchinson incisors

Hutchinson teeth.

Hutchinson freckle

A noninvasive malignant melanoma.

Hutchinson mask

A feeling of compression over the face, as though one were wearing a mask.

Hutchinson patch

A salmon-colored area of the cornea seen in interstitial keratitis caused by syphilis.

Hutchinson pupil

A condition in which one pupil is dilated and the other is not. The pupil on the side where a lesion exists is dilated and the other side is contracted. This condition is usually due to compression of the third cranial nerve occurring in meningitis.

Hutchinson sign

The presence of vesicles on the tip of the nose in patients with facial herpes zoster. The sign strongly suggests corneal involvement by zoster and therefore the need for treatment to prevent corneal scarring and loss of vision.

Hutchinson teeth

A congenital condition marked by pegged, lateral incisors and notched central incisors along the cutting edge. It is a sign of congenital syphilis.
Synonym: Hutchinson incisors

Hutchinson triad

A syndrome characteristic of congenital syphilis consisting of notched teeth, interstitial keratitis, and eighth-nerve deafness due to meningeal involvement.
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Sir Jonathan, English surgeon and pathologist, 1828-1913.
Hutchinson crescentic notch - the semilunar notch on the incisal edge of Hutchinson teeth, encountered in congenital syphilis.
Hutchinson disease - age-related guttate choroiditis.
Hutchinson facies - the peculiar facial expression produced by drooping eyelids and motionless eyes in external ophthalmoplegia.
Hutchinson freckle - a brown or black mottled, irregularly outlined, slowly enlarging lesion. Synonym(s): lentigo maligna
Hutchinson mask - the sensation experienced in tabetic neurosyphilis as if the face were covered with a mask or with cobwebs.
Hutchinson patch - interstitial or parenchymatous keratitis giving rise to neovascularization of the cornea. Synonym(s): salmon patch
Hutchinson pupil - dilation of the pupil on the side of the lesion as part of a third nerve palsy.
Hutchinson teeth - the teeth of congenital syphilis in which the incisal edge is notched and narrower than the cervical area. Synonym(s): notched teeth; screwdriver teeth; syphilitic teeth
Hutchinson triad - parenchymatous keratitis, labyrinthine disease, and Hutchinson teeth, significant of congenital syphilis.
Hutchinson-Gilford disease - a condition in which normal development in the first year is followed by gross retardation of growth, with dry wrinkled skin, total alopecia, and birdlike facies. Synonym(s): Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome; progeria
Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome - Synonym(s): Hutchinson-Gilford disease
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