Emil, German anatomist, 1797-1858. See: Huschke cartilages, Huschke foramen, Huschke auditory teeth, Huschke valve.
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Among Bosse's releases are titles that explore German nationalism, such as Konrad Huschke, Die deutsche Musik und unsere Feinde (Regensburg: Bosse, 1921).
The desire to find sexual pleasure does not automatically mean that men who pay for sex are simply looking for a receptive, passive female body," the anthropologist Susann Huschke and the sociologist Dirk Schubotz write in the June issue of Sexualities.
Sendo assim, a deiscancia conganita do canal cartilaginoso e da fissura escamotimpanica ou a persistancia do forame de Huschke podem contribuir para a difusao de uma infeccao para a articulacao (5).
4 (2015): 551-62; Susann Huschke, "Giving Back: Activist Research with Undocumented Migrants in Berlin," Medical Anthropology 34, no.
Huschke Diekmann, GE Key Account Director Deutsche Bahn said, GE is committed to providing top quality power conversion technology to DB Energie who is our valued customer.
in Springfield; Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund's Northwest organizer, Kai Huschke, will speak; update on recently filed proposed Oregon constitutional amendment, with short petition and signature-gathering training to follow; free; www.
The name Stark (Bronsart's maiden name) appears in the list of performers noted in appendix to Wolfram Huschke, Musik im klassichen und nachklassichen Weimar 1756-1861 (Weimar: Hermann Bohlaus, 1982).
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17) But HUSCHKE thought it was wholly a glandular structure, no mention about the muscle component was made.
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