Hurry Sickness

A malaise in which a person feels chronically short of time, and so tends to perform every task faster and to get flustered when encountering any kind of delay
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It can give you hurry sickness. There is a process to reaching somewhere, just like you can't think of a solution to anything in your head instantly because it requires a thought process,' he concluded.
He wants them to avoid one deadly human affliction -- the hurry sickness.
As a bulwark against the culture's "hurry sickness" and "image swarm," Kalb offers Great Lengths: Seven Works of Marathon Theater, a diligently researched and beautifully written appreciation of work that bursts the bounds of "two hours1 traffic." Through a deft historical introduction and six authoritative, deep-diving chapters, Kalb reconstructs whole theatrical worlds from memory and reassesses contemporary criticism of them.
Part of the reason we get so frustrated is the modern day condition of "hurry sickness".
But we can get caught up with the haste of everything and suffer what's called hurry sickness, we lose our priorities and speed comes before everything else.
We are all experiencing "hurry sickness," and it's getting worse.
"Our society suffers from hurry sickness. Part of this illness is that we are endlessly chasing happiness instead of letting it flow naturally."
It's as if the old "Type A" behavior of a few has expanded into the "hurry sickness" of the many.
Hurry sickness is a form of stress identified by Gardner Merchant, a contract caterer which also provides services like shops and gymnasiums to companies.
(20) If caught up with hurry sickness, a servant leader would be ineffective in the essential qualities of listening, understanding, empathizing, and increasing awareness with broadening of perception.
Finch, the author reminds the reader, was deliberate, avoiding the "hurry sickness" that is now so pervasive.