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Aiden was born with Hurler disease, a rare condition that attacks the nervous system, and his family were told it was terminal.
Contract notice: Supplies of the drug on the composition of laronidasum - medication program - treatment of hurler disease.
A recent report of IT-ERT in a single patient with Hurler disease mentioned the analysis of total GAGs in CSF using a colorimetric method that required several milliliters of CSF (9) and did not clearly discriminate the patient from normal controls.
Extensive Mongolian spot related to Hurler disease (Abstract).
Four-year-old Hurler Disease sufferer Robyn Watterson inspired donors and CHAS now have the money - but no planning permission - to build it.
Robyn has Hurler Disease, a rare metabolic disorder.
Robyn suffers from incurable Hurler disease - an enzyme deficiency which leaves her in chronic pain and stunts her development.
Robyn has Hurler Disease, a merciless condition that means she is missing a vital emzyne that breaks down waste in her body, leaving it to build up in her cells.
That means fewer precious visits for children like little Robyn Watterson, terminally ill with Hurler Disease.
He had been born with Hurler Disease, a rare genetic condition that ravages the brain and the bones.