Hunter operation

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Hun·ter op·er·a·tion

ligation of an artery proximal and distal to an aneurysm.

Hunt·er op·er·a·tion

(hŭn'tĕr op-ĕr-ā'shŭn)
Ligation of an artery proximal and distal to an aneurysm.


John, Scottish surgeon, anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1728-1793.
Hunter canal - the space in the middle third of the thigh that gives passage to the femoral vessels and saphenous nerve. Synonym(s): adductor canal
Hunter gubernaculum - an obsolete term for gubernaculum testis.
hunterian chancre - chancre resulting from syphilis.
hunterian perforator
Hunter operation - ligation of the artery proximal and distal to an aneurysm.
Hunter-Schreger bands - alternating light and dark lines seen in dental enamel. Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger lines; Schreger lines
Hunter-Schreger lines - Synonym(s): Hunter-Schreger bands
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