Hunt, James Ramsay

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James Ramsay, U.S. neurologist, 1872-1937.
Hunt atrophy - obsolete term for atrophy of the small muscles of the hand, without sensory disturbances.
Hunt neuralgia - a severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear. Synonym(s): geniculate neuralgia
Hunt paradoxical phenomenon - in torsion dystonia, extension of the foot in response to passive flexion and flexion in response to attempted passive extension.
Hunt syndrome - (1) an intention tremor beginning in one extremity and subsequently involving other parts of the body. Synonym(s): progressive cerebellar tremor; - (2) facial paralysis, otalgia, and herpes zoster resulting from viral infection of the seventh cranial nerve and geniculate ganglion. Synonym(s): herpes zoster oticus; - (3) a form of juvenile paralysis agitans associated with primary atrophy of the pallidal system. Synonym(s): paleostriatal syndrome; pallidal syndrome; Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Ramsay Hunt syndrome - Synonym(s): Hunt syndrome
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