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hun (hōōn),

n in Chinese medicine, one of the five spirits. Hun, stored in the liver, is often translated as ethereal soul and is said to complement shen through inspiration, insight, and courage and is further associated with planning and direction, sleep, and dreaming. See also five spirits and shen.
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A couple seasons ago, my friend Chuck and I were combing a hillside covered with junipers, which I normally avoid, since I almost never find Huns near them.
Hun hunting is a sport for walkers, designed for people who don't mind putting in a half-dozen miles or more behind a hard-working pointing dog in what can be some pretty rough country.
The Huns also had settlements where they only stayed temporarily, but they had permanent trade centres and manufacturing towns, since they needed places where they could construct items both for weapons and military use as well as for their everyday lives," she added.
Obrusanszky turned next to the subject of Attila, King of the Huns.
A far-ranging English pointer is impressive to watch as it flows smoothly across the real estate, and while that type of dog works on quail in open country, it will bump many Huns before you'll have time to get within range.
Hun Sen's Cambodia will find its audience of tourists, aid workers, and diplomats due to the topic's innate interest and the lively manner in which it is treated, but the work's main contribution to Southeast Asian scholarship may ultimately be that it reminds us of the need for a truly scholarly biography of Hun Sen.