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hun (hōōn),

n in Chinese medicine, one of the five spirits. Hun, stored in the liver, is often translated as ethereal soul and is said to complement shen through inspiration, insight, and courage and is further associated with planning and direction, sleep, and dreaming. See also five spirits and shen.
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Kriemhilds hochgezit is, of course, an allusion to the Nibelungenlied, in which Etzel's kingdom ist destroyed in a cataclysmic battle between the Burgundians/Nibelungs and the forces of the Hunnish king under the direction of the vengeful Kriembild.
It is as a symbol of human and divine fidelity that she affirms, by choosing execution rather than marriage to the pagan Hunnish king, her loyalty to her bridegroom and her God.
Two years later, Attila died and the Hunnish Empire melted away.
It chronicles centuries of conflict involving Arabs, Byzantines, and the Hunnish horsemen of the Asian plains, but the main Persian actors are not the Assyrians who figure in the Old Testament's Babylonian captivity, but the Sasanians, the post-Alexandrine power that outdid Rome in extirpating the Parthians as a military force.
Couple that with my Hunnish moniker and it all becomes too obvious, doesn't it?