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hun (hōōn),

n in Chinese medicine, one of the five spirits. Hun, stored in the liver, is often translated as ethereal soul and is said to complement shen through inspiration, insight, and courage and is further associated with planning and direction, sleep, and dreaming. See also five spirits and shen.
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In Biterolf's main source text, the Nibelungenlied, Rudiger is a tragic figure, a forced exile in the Land of the Huns, caught between formal loyalty to the Hunnish king and the emotional bond to his Burgundian friends and erstwhile house guests.
November 10: Feast of the Tuscan Who Faced Down Attila the Hun at the Gates of Rome, Supposedly Helped by Saint Peter, Who Appeared to Attila and Threatened to Cut off His Hunnish Ears (Leo the Great).
I'm no' being churlish or even hunnish but I couldn't possibly comment on the Celtic-Rangers freak result on Saturday having inexplicably blacked out just as Celtic's second hit the onion bag.