Guy L., U.S. surgeon, 1868-1957. See: Hunner ulcer, Fenwick-Hunner ulcer.
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If ye see the laird, tell him what ye hear; tell him this makes the twelve hunner and nineteen time that Jennet Clouston has called down the curse on him and his house, byre and stable, man, guest, and master, wife, miss, or bairn -- black, black be their fall
Awais Sajjad of Pakistan won the title of 70kg category while Amjad Yaseen of Pakistan was second and Afghanistan's Hunner Ahmad third.
In this biography, Hunner (history, New Mexico State U.
TICKET TO RIDE: Greenbank manager Gerry Kinsella with Marcia Hughes from the Charitable Trust,and American golfers,from left, Greg Hunner,Lindsay Dolamore,Jeff Williams and Justin Davidson
9] Hunner advocated surgical excision of ulcers to manage symptoms.
The moolah that is, the hunner million for his pair ay Titians.
Because I've goat tae justify gettin' four hunner grand a year.
The grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will make such a positive impact on our Northwest Adoption Exchange program," said Executive Director Robert Hunner.
Fit this really means is that they gang intae hiding and winnae come oot for hunners o years.
Now Doki just needs his inventors to come up with the perfect female droid - hunners o' them, preferrably.
After feeling patriotic yesterday I am driving with Dave when I look up and see the Saltire in the sky - hunners of feet above our heads.
I've had the hots for lady frogs since `Emmanuelles 1-13' and `Betty Blue', when Beatrice Dalle got her kit off and you seen the lot - hunners a' times, by the way.