Humulus lupulus

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Herbal medicine
A perennial vine that contains amino acids, flavonoids, glycosides (astralagin, quercitrin, rutin) and various other compounds, such as citral, geraniol, humulone, linionine, lupulone, serolidol and bitter resin. Hops are anti-bacterial (due to humulone and lupulone), mildly sedative, and have been used for insomnia, to relax smooth muscle and, in combination with other herbs, to treat irritable bowel syndrome.
Toxic effect
Contact dermatitis.

Humulus lupulus,

n See hops.
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Oddly, they don't look at all drab, especially if you grow clematis or best of all, the Golden Hop, Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' in them.
Ashland is offering Conarom b aromatic (INCI: Phenylpropanol (and) humulus lupulus (hops) extract), described as an effective solution that addresses the growing consumer demand for multifunctional and sustainable ingredients.
For vertical surfaces I used the golden hop, Humulus Lupulus aureus, a fantastic vigorous climber with yeasty-smelling panicles of papery flowers.
Hibiscus sabdariffa (rosella) Diuretic, mild hypotensive Humulus lupulus (hops) Strong nervine traditionally used when MER impaired.
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The impact of climate change on the production and quality of hops Humulus lupulus will depend on future weather conditions in the growing season," the study noted.
Herbazales densos dominados por Epilobium hirsutum y Mentha longifolia, y en los que son tambien abundantes otras especies megaforbicas como Urtica dioica, Lythrum salicaria, Eupatorium cannabinum y Scrophularia auriculata y especies escandentes como Solanum dulcamara, Calystegia sepium y, mas escasa, Humulus lupulus.
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