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George M., English surgeon, 1820-1896. See: Humphry ligament.
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Humphry Ward's translation is likely to make it widely known among all serious lovers of good literature.
Humphry Ward's new book to Shaw's latest play, through the future of the drama to reminiscences of Mansfield.
It was Sir Humphry Davy's 'Last Days of a Philosopher,' and on the first leaf was written, 'Frederick Lawrence.
The Register-Guard traced the $60 kit to Hydorn, who has no website and does no advertising; clients find her address through the writings of Humphry.
1778: Sir Humphry Davy, chemist, discoverer or isolator of elements including sodium, potassium and barium and inventor of the miner's safety lamp, was born in Penzance.
Centre: Hetty Horton, Jenny Scaif, Evylin Little, June Humphry, Elaine Wilson, David Edmondson, Alma Taylor, Jack Christinson, Marjorie Helmsley, Jean Cleator, Teddy Parsons, Joyce Brand, Doris Lampard, Celia Black, Dorothy Walker.
The park, landscaped by Humphry Repton, has attractive walks along the River Tern and a play area and environmental centre for children.
Celtic stepped in, but Hasselbaink's agent, Humphry Nijman, yesterday admitted he would prefer to play his football in England.
Twenty-three different sites--urban parks, town squares and one cemetery--are conveyed imaginatively in splendid new galleries through models, photographs and videos, and, borrowing Humphry Repton's nineteenth-century technique of persuasion, before and after views.
Founded by Derek Humphry, the Hemlock Society has long been the "cutting edge" pro-death organization, while "Compassion in Dying" has been the more sophisticated, pragmatic wing.
Smollett today is as much remembered for his famous travel book, Travels through France and Italy as for novels such as Roderick Random and Humphry Clinker.
It's that simple,'' says Jay Humphry, director of operations for Vee Entertainment, which is now in its 23rd year of producing the touring ``Sesame Street Live'' shows.