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tr.v. human·ized, human·izing, human·izes
a. To modify (a nonhuman compound, cell, organ, or organism) such that some of its components are replaced with human forms of those components, usually by means of genetic engineering.
b. To replace most of the variable region of (a monoclonal antibody from a nonhuman source) with a human sequence of amino acids so that the resulting antibody is more compatible with the human immune system.

hu′man·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
hu′man·iz′er n.


Chemically altered to resemble natural human amino acid sequences. It applies to proteins or polypeptides derived from animals, e.g., mice, that are altered to reduce their antigenic potential.
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The Company is establishing a market presence in the development of humanized antibodies.
The license was granted under the terms of an agreement announced by the two companies in January 2000 covering certain intellectual property in the field of humanized antibodies, and triggers payment of an additional license fee to Protein Design.
Protein Design has a strong intellectual property position in the antibody field, with issued patents in the United States, Europe and Japan that we believe cover most humanized antibodies," said Robert L.