Humanitarian Intervention

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An armed intervention in a state, without that state’s consent, to address (the threat of) a humanitarian disaster, in particular caused by grave and large-scale violations of fundamental human rights
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Nigel Rodley, 'Humanitarian Intervention', in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF THE USE OF FORCE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, supra note 7, at 775-76; Terry D.
In The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention, City College of New York political scientist Rajan Menon argues that such disastrous missteps are common.
Humanitarian intervention is often thought of as a relatively new practice, but its roots are ancient.
(32) Under such dire circumstances, when the refugee crisis of one or more states, caused by ongoing conflict, has heavily impacted neighboring states and has the potential to destabilize the entire region, can third states intervene militarily to appease the refugee crisis under the guise of humanitarian intervention? In other words, can a refugee crisis ever justify a military humanitarian intervention staged outside of the parameters of United Nations-sanctioned measures and operations?
"It sounds simplistic, but unfortunately, the shadow of Iraq now hangs over the concept of humanitarian intervention," he says.
For Walzer, however, the priority is to chide fellow leftists for failing to defend the option of humanitarian intervention in theory, not to understand today why almost nobody thinks it improves the world in practice.
began humanitarian intervention into Somalia by establishing a general and complete embargo on all deliveries of weapons and military equipment, (27) promoting a cease-fire agreement, (28) and preparing a plan for monitoring the cease-fire agreement and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance.
The 'humanitarian intervention' principle -- which the US, UK and France used to justify bombing locations claimed to be part of Syria's chemical weapons infrastructure -- is not a valid reason for aggression, according to Meij.
The US-led strikes on Syrian 'chemical weapons sites', joined by the U.K and France, is another episode of the Western 'humanitarian intervention'.
The humanitarian intervention is a legally debatable concept at the present time," he said in an interview with the BBC.
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