Human Wave Attack

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A military tactic in which a broad front of foot soldiers many men deep runs towards enemy lines in an attempt to overwhelm the opposing army’s position by sheer numbers. Casualties, especially when the attacking wave is facing machine guns and cannons, are extremely high. 20,000 British soldiers lost their lives in World War I on the first day of the battle of Somme and another 40,000 were wounded using the human wave strategy
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An excerpt from Steve's book: "Just as we'd suspected, the rebels had charged forward in human waves to attack us, guns blazing.
The easy flow of the human waves depicted fruits of the latest construction
We'd watched the human waves, Come crashing, falling, all around, The desperate and the vanquished, Informed, its now your town.
In 2004, he partnered with percussionist and Blockheadz label founder Hedi Benromdan to release Human Waves before they were signed by US label Soulfuric.
The government soldiers panicked because the rebels were coming in human waves, as though bullets could not hurt them.
Pirates fans can learn about the scientific principles behind popular activities including curveballs, the formation of human waves in the stands, where the best seats are in PNC Park to catch a foul ball, and fireworks.
As is the case in any mass migration, the human waves that flooded Texas included more than a few criminals, as well as debtors and undesirables.