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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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There is zero tolerance to Human Rights violations and all allegations are thoroughly and swiftly investigated and strict action is taken if found guilty of Human Rights violations.
A Toll Free Helpline '1099' for Legal Advice to victims of Human Rights violations has been launched.
A photo exhibition on human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir especially chopping of braids of women by Indian forces was also jointly inaugurated by the high commissioner and Senator Lee Rhiannon.
Whereas, the death toll due to violence during 2012 was 148, and in 2013, the human rights violation caused 204 deaths.
Bulgaria's number of 52 human rights violations ranks the country fourth in the EU, behind Greece with 69, Romania with 58, and Poland with 54.
We feel that there is a need for an independent team from international human rights organizations to look into cases of human rights violations in Nepal,'' the statement signed by rebels' spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara said.
The systematic analysis of human rights violations offers us the opportunity to examine both an important, understudied area of government behavior and to enlighten the political debate by discovering mechanisms which cause governments to turn on their citizens.
According to the judges, the general is held responsible for widespread violence and human rights violations launched by pro-Indonesia East Timorese militia groups at that time.
The objective of the Helpline is to provide free legal advice and referral services to the victims of human rights violations for proper redressal of their grievances, he added.
India's permanent Representative Dilip Sinha said: "We reiterate our call for an independent and credible investigation into allegations of human rights violations and loss of civilian lives.
The Congresswoman from Garden Grove, CA further stated that: "I applaud your efforts to bring the Islamic Republic of Iran's flagrant human rights violations to the attention of the international community, and pledge to continue to be a voice for the people of Iran in the United States Congress.
They highlighted human rights violations in Kashmir, and stressed the need for resolution of the Kashmir dispute for the lasting peace and security in the region.

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