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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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Armenian human rights activists continue to criticize the new Judicial Code of Armenia.
Nawaz Atta is a human rights activist and student of international relations.
Sandya Eknelygoda, a human rights activist from Sri Lanka
Currently 21 human rights activists are on hunger strike to protest against police violence in Cuba.
Security by Army, Rangers and Law Enforcement Agencies was arranged at the funeral of the legendary human rights activist.
Human rights activist Jameela A Latift said that it is satisfactory that this Act would be a precedent for other provinces to put restrictions on expenses on marriages, adding it is hoped that it will prove to be a boon for those who are not in a good financial position to marry their daughters.
MEDENINE (TAP)-"A Libyan delegation from the government of Tripoli, including two Ministers, will arrive Sunday afternoon in Tunisia, to negotiate with the Tunisian authorities, the release of the Tunisian diplomats kidnapped during the assault led against Tunisia's general consulate by a Libyan armed group," said human rights activist and specialist of Libya, Mustapha Abdelkebir to TAP correspondent in Medenine.
The human rights activist said in her his page on social networks that she will hold a campaign since the authorities cannot ensure the safety of girls.
Even the worst terrorists have not received such a harsh sentence," said Souad Al Shamari, a Saudi human rights activist.
Summary: Forty-eight civil society and international organizations issued a joint plea for the release of prominent human rights activist Razan Zeitouneh and three of her colleagues Tuesday.
The three jailed members of the scandalous Russian girls' punk group Pussy Riot have been nominated by the European Parliament for a prestigious prize named after Soviet human rights activist Andrei Sakharov.
China Human Rights Dialogue through Tuesday, Michael Posner, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, also revealed that the United States raised concern about the detained nephew of Chen Guangchen, the blind human rights activist who fled to the United States in May.

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