Human Tissue Authority

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Human Tissue Authority

A UK government watchdog that supports public confidence by licensing organisations that store and use human tissue for purposes such as research, patient treatment, postmortem examination, teaching and public exhibitions. The HTA also gives approval for organ and bone marrow donations from living people.

HTA Codes of Practice
Code 1: Consent
Code 2: Donation of organs
Code 3: Post mortem
Code 4: Anatomy
Code 5: Disposal
Code 6: Donation of bone marrow
Code 7: Public display
Code 8: Import and export
Code 9: Research

Activities licensed by the HTA
• Anatomic examinations;
• Postmortem examination;
• Removing relevant material (RM) from a deceased person;
• Storing RM from a deceased person (other than for a specific ethically approved project);
• Storing anatomical specimens;
• Storage of relevant material from a living person for research (other than for a specific ethically approved project) or for human application;
• Public display of a body or material from a deceased person.
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A NUTH spokesperson said: "The trust can confirm that an incident was reported to both the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for review.
proceed under the ambit of the Human Tissue Authority anyway (Figure 1):
Even though the Human Tissue Authority's [25] code of practice is not law, it has been well received.
The act also saw the creation of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), as a regulator.
The scandal led to the Human Tissue Act 2004, which overhauled legislation regarding the handling of human tissues in the UK and created the Human Tissue Authority.
The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has been selected as the agency that will set the standards for the quality and safety of transplant organs across the European Union (EU).
Glen said they worked to UK Human Tissue Authority standards and that the new facility and their operations in Qatar would also be accredited by appropriate international organisations ensuring that their operational standards were audited.
Our biggest strength will be cancers and we are having to turn down requests because we don't have the facilities." Dr Steele is busy making final preparations and explains that a website is being set up so researchers around the world can view samples and work at the centre, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority.
Last night Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb said he would write to the Human Tissue Authority, the regulatory body for DNA testing, to clarify how the new test would be monitored.
Cells4Life is currently the only stem cell storage company in the UK to have an HTA (Human Tissue Authority) licence for whole blood storage, and it is the only company to have MHRA (Medical Health Regulatory Authority) acprocess and store whole umbilical cord blood stem cells, it said.
In the UK, regulation of this area by the Human Tissue Authority ('HTA') and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ('MHRA') under a variety of legislation (1) (see Figure 1), including the new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, seems set to guarantee the UK's place at the forefront of research and development in this arena.

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