Pierre C., French surgeon, 1804-1873. See: Huguier canal, Huguier circle, Huguier sinus.
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y otras disecciones de adultos y fetos (Loughner et al., 1989; Rodriguez Vazquez et al., 1993; Ioannides & Hoogland; Coleman) han establecido un enlace anatomico entre la articulacion temporomandibular, el oido medio y la lingula de ambos lados del canal anterior de la cuerda del timpano (Canal de Huguier).
The mechanism of an intact fibula trapped behind the tibia was first described in 1922 by Ashhurst and Bromer, who referenced a description by Huguier in 1848 [6].
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The anterior malleolar ligament is more medial than the discomalleolar ligament and connects the sphenomandibular ligament along with the Chorda Tympani nerve (VII) in the petrotympanic fissure (Iter Chorda Anterius) trespassing together within the Huguier Channel.