Hughes-Stovin syndrome

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Hughes-·Sto·vin syn·drome

(hyūhs stō'vin),
syndrome characterized by aneurysms of the large and small pulmonary arteries and thrombosis of peripheral veins and dural sinuses.
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Multiple pulmonary arterial aneurysms in behcet's disease and hughes-stovin syndrome. Am J Med 1981;71(4):736-41.
KEY WORDS: Hughes-Stovin syndrome, pulmonary artery aneurysm, hemoptysis
As there were no other features suggesting Behcet's disease, a diagnosis of Hughes-Stovin syndrome was considered.
To date, we have found one report in the literature where it has been used in conjunction with micro-coils to successfully treat PAA in a case of Hughes-Stovin syndrome (10) and a further report of a paediatric case where AVP was used on its own to treat an idiopathic PAA (8).