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(hŭg′ĭnz), Charles Brenton 1901-1997.
Canadian-born American surgeon. He shared a 1966 Nobel Prize for research in hormone treatment for cancer of the prostate.
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Former Olympic and Commonwealth pole vaulter Allan Williams coaches the 17-year-old and he believes there is every chance Huggins will go on to give his adopted country rare success in the pole vault arena.
Huggins is best known for her strong reputation, and vast experience in the public and private sectors.
A sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court on Friday heard Huggins had sold a silver Ford Focus to Mr Deacon, 26, but the next day it had gone missing and Huggins was accused of stealing it.
Although he cites three of Verwimp's earlier works, Huggins omits Verwimp's first application of the authoritarian modernist model to Rwanda, albeit to the country pre-genocide.
Huggins, who works in the motor trade, added: "To have a horse even good enough to be entered at Glorious Goodwood was a dream come true, and we were so excited going down there, so it really was disappointing.
They soon began working together using Huggins's 8-inch Alvan Clark refractor equipped with a visual spectrograph in his home observatory, and within a year they gave a preliminary report to the Royal Society.
A police spokesperson said: "Seventeen-year-old India Huggins has now been found safe and well.
The hospital's board of trustees voted unanimously to appoint Roberge, an Alton resident, to the permanent position, citing his dedication to continuous improvement at Huggins Hospital.
Huggins, a no-nonsense Midwesterner, had little interest in what others thought of him, and certainly not what they thought of his appearance.
Professor Robert Huggins, director for the centre for economic geography at Cardiff University, told the summit Wales is the weakest region in the UK when it comes to international trade.