Carl Gustav von, German physician, 1840-1908. See: Hüfner equation.
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The lagged term is included to reflect other influences on the change in net domestic credit (see Hufner, 2004; Bofinger and Wollmershauser, 2001).
Jahn K, Deutschlander A, Stephan T, Kalla R, Hufner K, Wagner J, Strupp M, Brandt T, 2008, Suprapsinal locomotor control in quadrupeds and humans.
Felix Hufner and IsabellKoske (2008) [10] have an interesting approach in their paper; they study the impact of euro adoption on both inflation and interest rates, on the short and also on medium term.
Knobloch K, Kraemer R, Lichtenberg A, Jagodzinski M, Gossling T, Richter M, Zeichen J, Hufner T, Krettek C.
020 seconds behind Tatjana Hufner of Germany, who was continuing her recent domination of the sport.
By contrast, assuming that it is expected fiscal developments rather than past outcomes that matter for investment decisions, Heppke-Falk and Hufner (2004) analyze whether expected budget deficits, derived from the Consensus Forecasts, have an impact on interest rate swap spreads of France, Germany and Italy.
To broaden the perspective beyond the individual country level and to identify whether factors common to other industrial countries help explain the behaviour of the German household saving rate, Hufner and Koske (2010) analyze determinants of saving rates in the G7 countries since the 1970s in a panel co-integration framework.
These include those of Acemoglu and Scott (1994) for the United Kingdom, Berg and Bergstrom (1996) for Sweden, Hufner and Schroder (2002) for Germany, and Mourougane and Roma (2002) for five European countries.