Karl, German surgeon, 1838-1882. See: Hueter maneuver.
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Robert Hueter, a senior scientist for the ocean research organization Ocearch, said the "sharks have been coming here for a millennia; for as long as the East Coast of the United States has existed, these sharks have been in their waters."
Robert Hueter, Senior Scientist and Director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote.
Birds, fish and crustaceans use mangrove bays particularly as nesting (Grant & Grant, 1997), nursery (Laegdsgaard & Johnson, 1995; Garnett, 2013), refuge (Bell, Pollard, Burchmore, Pease, & Middleton, 1984) and feeding (Blaber, 2000; Heupel & Hueter, 2002) grounds.
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These summer conditions in the estuary can increase growth potential and survivorship, which leads juvenile elasmobranchs to seasonally select protective estuarine and bay habitat over exposed coastlines (Huepel and Hueter 2002; Espinoza et al.
The concern may be well-founded: Blacktip sharks are one of a few species of sharks that can be especially traumatized by catch-and-release incidents, as expert Robert Hueter ( told the Herald last year . 
Florida's Gulf Coast has significant numbers of blacktips, too, but they're spread out over a wider area, meaning there's not a concentrated, visible stream of Gulf blacktips comparable to the east-coast group, said Bob Hueter, director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.
One example of this desired change in perception is illustrated by the article by Neff and Hueter (2013), where they proposed "reclassifying human-shark interactions." These authors pointed out that there were different types of shark attacks and that the term "shark attack" carried the perception of fatal outcomes and was "outmoded." These authors suggested that human-shark interactions that resulted in fatalities should be termed "fatal shark bites" and that "the term 'shark attack' be avoided by scientists.
In 1881, Carl Hueter first described the anterior approach to the hip in his "Compendium of Surgery." He described the interval between the sartorius and the tensor fascia lata and the gluteus medius.
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