Karl, German surgeon, 1838-1882. See: Hueter maneuver.
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Bob Hueter, study co-author and Director of Mote's Center for Shark Research.
These summer conditions in the estuary can increase growth potential and survivorship, which leads juvenile elasmobranchs to seasonally select protective estuarine and bay habitat over exposed coastlines (Huepel and Hueter 2002; Espinoza et al.
The concern may be well-founded: Blacktip sharks are one of a few species of sharks that can be especially traumatized by catch-and-release incidents, as expert Robert Hueter (http://www.
One example of this desired change in perception is illustrated by the article by Neff and Hueter (2013), where they proposed "reclassifying human-shark interactions.
In 1881, Carl Hueter first described the anterior approach to the hip in his "Compendium of Surgery.
Heupel & Hueter (2002) found that predator avoidance may be more important in the use of nursery grounds by young blacktip sharks (C.
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said biologist Bob Hueter of the Center for Shark Research.