Erich, German physicist, 1896-1984. See: Hückel rule.
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The defense started low at mediation, Karney said, offering $300,000, but mediator Wayne Huckel convinced Karney not to abandon the process.
We acknowledge Messrs Michael Short, Mathew McRrae and Andrew Huckel who collected the EM data for their laboratory determination of clay content, [EC.sub.1:5], and CEC respectively.
Within any organization, data is spread across a number of disparate systems, said Ben Huckel, chief executive officer at Send Technology.
Semiempirical Extended Huckel Theory (SE-EHT) is used to find the TS and other transport properties.
On the other hand the energy band structure will be reported also at semiempirical (Huckel) level.
where r and s are matrix indices and K is a parameter related to the Wolfsberg-Helmholtz constant (~ 1.75) in the extended Huckel molecular orbital theory.
7) Explicit hydrogen atoms were added, and structures were aromatized according to Huckel's rules implemented in KNIME (Berthold et al.
The company said Dr Huckel, a founding shareholder and director since its formation in January 2002, passed away on 13 December 2014.
The results obtained by using Debye Huckel limiting law, log k = log [k.sub.o] +1.02 [z.sub.A][z.sub.B][([mu]).sup.1/2] are consistent with this value.
The fifth questionnaire was the Anderson's version (Anderson, Benjamin, Wood & Bonacci, 2006) of the Velicer Attitudes Toward Violence Scale ([VATVS], Velicer, Huckel & Hansen, 1989).
Es interesante notar que (3.11) es la ecuacion de Poisson-Boltzmann [Gouy 1910], [Chapman 1913], [Debye, Huckel 1923], [Verwey, Overbeek 1948], que describe la teoria de campo medio para el plasma de dos componentes.
Para mencionar uno de los primeros casos, se conoce que tres anos despues de que Heisenberg realizara sus postulados, Erich Huckel, quimico y fisico aleman, desarrollo metodos simplificados basados en la mecanica cuantica para analizar la estructura de moleculas organicas.