Ambrosius A.W., Dutch zoologist and comparative anatomist, 1853-1915. See: Hubrecht protochordal knot.
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In close collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the Hubrecht Institute, a research team at the University of Bern has generated 3D cell cultures (organoids) to investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in breast cancer and to improve current therapies.
The intestinal epithelial organoid culture system was pioneered by Hans Clevers and researchers at the Foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB), initiating innovation in in vitro tissue modeling.
He had a short-lived marriage to Bridget Hubrecht, after which he had a nervous breakdown.
Sin embargo, como mostramos en su dia en otro estudio, aquella fue una empresa mercantil que exigio un elevado coste, al tratarse de un regimiento de caracteristicas especiales -1200 soldados, reclutados, vestidos y armados a su costa- por lo que antes de presentar su propuesta a Felipe V, formo una sociedad mercantil con un personaje bien introducido en la hacienda real, el financiero holandes Huberto Hubrecht, quien intervino como fiador y principal pagador de la contrata que el marques de Villarrocha ofrecia al rey (25).
Launched in July 2016, the HCMI is an international collaboration between The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and the foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology, to develop approximately 1,000 cancer cell models that better represent the hallmarks and diversity of human cancer.
M2 PHARMA-August 19, 2014-Cergentis, Hubrecht Institute develop new technology for DNA sequencing
Hans Clevers of the Hubrecht Institute, have isolated and grown stem cells from the pancreases of mice using a 3-D culture system previously developed by Dr.
In 2007, Hans Clevers, a professor at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands, identified a marker for intestinal epithelial stem cells--a protein called Lgr5.
Dr Hemant Kocher of Barts Cancer Institute in London and The London NHS Trust, who led the four-year joint project with Cambridge University and the Hubrecht Institute in Holland, found that raising levels of Vitamin A in healthy cells around the cancerous ones can inhibit cancer growth.
Hans Clevers of the Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands, have isolated and grown stem cells from the pancreases of mice using a 3-D culture system previously developed by the scientists.
To Marie Hubrecht (jointly with DHL), 12 February [1921].