Howship, John

Howship, John

Brit. anatomist, 1781–1841.

Howship lacuna

One of several small pits, grooves, or depressions found where bone is resorbed by osteoclasts.
See: osteoclast

Howship symptom

Paresthesia or pain on the medial aspect of the thigh secondary to pressure on the obturator nerve by an obturator hernia.
Synonym: Howship-Romberg sign
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John, English surgeon, 1781-1841.
Howship lacunae - tiny depressions, pits, or irregular grooves in bone that are being resorbed by osteoclasts. Synonym(s): resorption lacunae
Romberg-Howship symptom - see under Romberg, Moritz Heinrich von
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