John, British surgeon, 1781-1841. See: Howship lacunae.
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Active bone resorption was evident based on the scalloped edges of the little remaining trabecular bone and the presence of occasional osteoclasts within Howship's lacunae.
In 2010, he met experienced retailer and technology aficionado Simon Howship, who joined forces to reposition Common Agency as a dedicated mobile app design and development business - with Simon becoming business partner and managing director of the reshaped company.
Multinucleated giant cells or Howship lacunae, pits, or resorptive trails were not seen on the DBBM surface regardless of the presence or absence of APL.
During bone resorption, osteoclasts adhere to the bone matrix forming a deeply folded membrane and secrete protons and hydrolytic enzymes in a small cavity called Howship's lacunae, formed from the digestion of the underlying bone [19].
Further, we did not obtain any evidence for bone resorption by osteoclasts around the radiolucent area or an increase in osteoclast number, because we could not observe Howship's lacunae in the increased radiolucent area in the thick sections in the combined animal group (data not shown).
Other features include primitive woven bone, numerous giant cells with Howship lacunae, and Pagetoid changes (depicting the continuous remodeling process).