Howell, William

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William, U.S. physiologist, 1860-1945.
Howell-Jolly bodies - spherical or ovoid eccentrically located granules occasionally observed in the stroma of circulating erythrocytes that occur most frequently after splenectomy or in megaloblastic or severe hemolytic anemia. Synonym(s): Jolly bodies
Howell unit - equivalent approximately to 0.002 mg of pure heparin. Synonym(s): heparin unit
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The team was made up of Luqmaan Anwar, Thomas Battye, Ashley Bembridge, Jordan Greenfield, Uzair Hamid, Patrick Howell, William Hughes and Dale Peace, and some of them are pictured with (from left), teachers Christine Edwards and Sarah Quinn and Support Assistants Karen Bullock and Beth Taylor.
Part 2 explores the "practices of reading in the church, past and present" with essays by Brian Daley, James Howell, William Stacy Johnson, Christine McSpadden, and Gregory Jones.
With them were William Noel, Ernest Griffin and William Richard Thomas, along with William Lewis Howell, William Ronald Thomas and Richard Smith, who was due to be married in three days.