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John Eager, U.S. internist and endocrinologist, 1902-1985. See: Howard test, Ellsworth-Howard test.
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Electronic Controls Monitoring System (ECMS), a subsidiary company of CK Howard, has evolved as a result of this trend.
I was reluctant to cross the threshold into explicitly gay theater," Waldrop says, "but working with Howard, I had to go there.
From roughly 1930 to 1950, Howard had at least a dozen black scholars accomplished enough to teach at any university in the nation.
was a lovely person too DIANE Rip Howard our most successful manager a club legend and a lovely well respected man EARLE Great manager of a great Everton team at a great time to be a blue nose R.
While it's unlikely that Howard will be able to find a way out of his contract, re-signing with the Magic doesn't seem to be an option.
She also received the honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts and is a distinguished visiting professor at the University of Arts and Howard University.
Howard was bound over for trial Friday on a murder charge after a preliminary hearing that was spread over three days.
With ambition, ingenuity and a passion for helping others, Howard led a successful career in the office furniture industry, constantly touching the lives of his colleagues and clients alike.
Howard says although his company has the licence agreement from CFS, the Neem formula won't likely be on the market for another two years.
The majority of the Timmis & Inman attorneys are moving to Howard & Howard's Bloomfield Hills office.
He's also an old rival of Howard's; and once he arrives on campus, Monty is all set to challenge the liberal-minded Howard on the subjects of Rembrandt and affirmative action.
Derek Allan Ofenham told Eugene police he had been planning for three weeks to kill 50-year-old Howard in order to "get him out of the way," according to court documents.