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John, Irish physician, 1802-1845. See: Houston folds, Houston muscle.
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Due to the pride Houstonians have for their city's wide range of ethnicities and cultures--the saying goes, "You can travel the globe in Houston"--the theater district was quick to rebuild.
APPNA Executive committee also announced a donation of USD 10,000 to implement their relief assistance to the needy members of our community as well as wider Houstonian community.
This exciting, $7 million amenity enhancement program includes extensive renovations to the main lobby and sky lobby, establishment of the exclusive Houstonian Lite fitness club, creation of a common area executive board room and auditorium, and a distinctive high-end valet service for tower's tenants.
BEING A NATIVE HOUSTONIAN AND FORMER MEMBER OF the United Methodist Church, I grew up watching the powerful impact Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell made, especially the phenomenal increase and growth of his congregation.
Inparticular, we would like to thank the folks in the Goodison Press Department for their efforts throughout the club's stay, as well as Houstonian Alan Robinson and EFCSCNA's Diana Salisbury for making the Home Platefamily reunion of Blues from all corners of the world and Gwladys Street's Tex-Mex Feast at Ninfa's somemorable.
NORTH AMERICAN GAS STRATEGIES CONFERENCE, April 19-20, 2004, Houstonian Hotel, Houston, TX
While he has a doctorate in economics (from the University of Houston) and an MBA from the University of Chicago, he has an historian's feel for the last generation at FEI and a Houstonian's sense of the contributions made by local leaders there.
He is former president of the Association for Worksite Health Promotion and former general manager of The Houstonian. David Herbert is a well-known attorney in the fitness and rehabilitative industry, publisher of The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter and co-author with William G.
This did not prevent him from bidding on a $3.8 million four-acre tract, next to the Houstonian hotel complex, being sold by the R.T.C.
Today, the Houstonian, a lavish $39 million, "healthful living complex" set on 22 beautifully wooded acres in southwest Houston, stands as a living, breathing and profusely sweating testament to his vision.
The new poll was released just a week after Valdez won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination over Houstonian Andrew White.