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John, Irish physician, 1802-1845. See: Houston folds, Houston muscle.
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This acquisition by Canyon Johnson, the nation's largest real estate investment funds focused on urban revitalization throughout America, is its first ever investment in the Houston area.
Those are just some of the reasons that air-cargo companies are investing millions to boost their presence in Houston, which handles more U.
The Super Bowl is viewed by the city fathers as a great opportunity to present a different picture of Houston than was portrayed during Enron,'' said Oliver Luck, a former quarterback for the Houston Oilers and current CEO of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority.
The Bodner family members have shepherded the company through what used to be a set of boom-and-bust cycles in Houston, all the while finding additional time to act in leadership roles in their state and in the scrap recycling industry.
In 1994, that translated to close to $100 million that was paid to Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBEs) by Houston - about 17% of the $603 million in city contracts.
By 1990, one poll showed that 67 percent of Houston residents supported zoning.
While his editors in Tokyo wanted feature background stories on Houston and had certain preconceived ideas about the host city for the summit, their major interest was the substance of the talks themselves.
The Sparks (28-4) won the season series 2-1 against Houston (19-13), the most recent victory (65-54) last Saturday at Staples Center.
Tiny Houston InterWeb Design wants to expand into Brazil, but is it seeking business or just publicity?
With several weeks to go in the smog season, Houston blew past Los Angeles this past weekend to once again clinch America's Smoggiest City pennant, officials said Wednesday.

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