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John, Irish physician, 1802-1845. See: Houston folds, Houston muscle.
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Houston is exactly the type of densely populated, ethnically diverse market in which our fund invests.
With more than 70 years in business, Chile's LAN Cargo is another multinational that has traditionally looked to Houston for business.
After decades of sprawl that left downtown Houston empty after 5 o'clock, more people are moving back into the city in old buildings that are being converted to lofts.
The booming office, service, technology and commercial sectors of the Houston economy have changed the nature of how Bodner Metal & Iron operates compared to earlier decades.
The TSU study also recommended giving companies owned by white women lower goals than those for minorities, a suggestion that angered many white Houston residents.
The 1994 Shell Houston Open will truly be A Chance for Our Children," said Carroll.
The Post followed suit the next day, noting that Whitmire's "announcement marks a major shift in city leaders' vision for the future development of Houston, a metropolis known for its sprawling growth made possible by a lack of zoning restrictions now found in every other major city in the country.
In approaching its overall assignment, Houston recognized that to promote the city's economic recovery and diversification during the summit, the city had to ensure that the myriad of logistical and diplomatic details went smoothly.
With Houston Hospice's implementation of Misys' Homecare application, hospice clinicians will now be able to view vital healthcare information about patients almost anytime, anywhere.
Her best game against Houston was in the loss, when she had 17 points and 14 rebounds.
To be sure, Houston InterWeb Design's SiteBlazer product does allow companies to set up their own Web sites in 15 minutes or less.
This new bid supersedes an August 7 offer by Houston Air to purchase Continental for $385 million.

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