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Insect species believed to have the greatest potential for human food or animal feed in the European Union include houseflies, mealworms, crickets and silkworms.
domestica houseflies played a role in the epidemiology and seasonality of Campylobacter spp.
What enables houseflies to walk upside down on ceilings?
THE STORY: "In mere proximity to Mallory," Carol O'Connell writes of her prickly heroine, "people's better angels were always dropping like dead houseflies.
16b - Two million bacteria may be carried at any time by houseflies.
Quantitative contamination and transfer of Escherichia coli from foods by houseflies, Musca domestica L (Diptera: Muscidae).
Itchy Ritchy, boss of a swarm of houseflies, teaches his underlings how to make the most of filth and survive attacks from humans.
8:15 THE CONSTITUTIVE NATURE OF LYSOZYME IN HOUSEFLIES **, Christopher Evett *, Dana Nayduch and Ashika Patel *, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA 30460.
How are houseflies able to walk upside-down on ceilings?
This fun animated film features common houseflies dreaming of hurtling into space, who manage to hitch a lift on Apollo 11.
Susceptibility of field collected houseflies to spinosad before and after a season of use.