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Austrian royal family who ruled most of central and part of western Europe for centuries.
disease of the Hapsburgs - factor VIII deficiency causing blood coagulation disorder. Synonym(s): classic hemophilia; hemophilia A
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The House of Habsburg became extinct in the 18th century.
The new successor house styled itself formally as House of Habsburg-Lorraine, although it was often referred to simply as the House of Habsburg.
As the nine-year-old head of the House of Habsburg Otto already showed his steel.
1519 was a momentous year for the House of Habsburg, for it was the year when the Emperor Maximilian died, and his grandson, the nineteen year-old Duke of Burgundy and King of Spain, was elected Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation.
The present head of the House of Habsburg, Archduke Otto, regrets that the connection has been lost, the family seemingly sunk without trace and their documents lost during World War II and its aftermath.
The Pragmatic Sanction assumed that males would come before females in order of inheritance, but if there were no male heirs, then a female could inherit all the powers and rights due to the head of the house of Habsburg.