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Referring to a cylindrical or elongated structure with a central constriction likened, sometimes in only a very general sense, to an hourglass
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Alan Jope, president Personal Care, Unilever, said, "We are delighted to be adding Hourglass to our portfolio of Prestige brands.
I turned the hourglass over and wrote a poem to pass the time.
According to Emba, the Hourglass device represents a breakthrough in peripheral embolization devices in that it is designed to provide precise, secure, over-the-wire delivery and immediate occlusion with a single integrated device.
Shown in his collection are surrealist paintings of his nephew beside an hourglass.
The hourglass silhouette was all the rage in the 1950s and this winter we see the return of Diana Dors-style glamour with this must-have pencil skirt and body-hugging sweaters.
In fact, Nestle, an early and aggressive Big Food entrant in the nutraceutical space, has recently been a net seller of nutraceutical assets like PowerBar that lie in the middle of the hourglass, instead preferring to focus on the more defensible medical foods sub-segment of the market.
The Hourglass has normally an equal size of hip and bust with a narrow waist.
In this third volume of the Hourglass series, the narrative perspective shifts once again.
THE great debate over women's body shape was re-opened last night as it emerged today's model is more pre-pubescent boy than hourglass sex goddess.
A similar hourglass effect has been observed and quantified by others, with most forecasts suggesting the trend will continue and become even more pronounced.
Be it large or little women, a woman with an hourglass figure such as Kim's is much more attractive than stick-thin women with pencil figures, say men.