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Referring to a cylindrical or elongated structure with a central constriction likened, sometimes in only a very general sense, to an hourglass
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Peplum details have created an hour-glass shape and are teamed with printed statement skinny jeans or high-waisted pencil skirts to give a flattering, sculpted figure.
Full-skirted dresses can improve and accentuate hour-glass shapes by nipping in waists and skimming over hips.
The hour-glass pattern can range from light cream to bright orange.
The corsetry in the collections is based on original Victorian patterns and techniques to sculpt the classic hour-glass figure.
It's the oldest slimming trick in the book but there's a reason wide belts are still around, they pull you in to create a fabulous hour-glass figure - and a waist you didn't know existed.
And check out the alluring Jessica range which helps create a flawless hour-glass silhouette.
Men, overweight and they have the nerve to criticise our hour-glass figures or tell us our bum really does look big in that.
BEANPOLE supermodel Erin O'Connor has revealed how she finally came to boast an hour-glass figure for Christmas.
The statuesque Australian actress, 38, showed off an hour-glass figure in a grey, sequinned off-the-shoulder dress.
Two-thirds of the British female population are bottom-heavy, even though most clothing makers still design their wares based on an hour-glass figure.
Audiences were intrigued to find that beneath the ugly duckling fatness was, in reality, a gorgeous woman with an hour-glass figure.