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Godfrey N., British electronics engineer, 1919-1975. Developed first practical computed tomography device, the EMI scanner; received the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1979 jointly with physicist A. M. Cormack. See: Hounsfield unit, Hounsfield number.
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The adhesion force between the sealing layer and the substrate was measured in an L-peel test using Hounsfield H10KM equipment.
An unenhanced attenuation value of less than 10 Hounsfield units (HU) is characteristic of a benign adrenal mass, and no further imaging evaluation would be required.
29) Unenhanced CT indicates hepatic steatosis when liver attenuation is at [less than or equal to] 10 Hounsfield units (HU) below that of the spleen (Figure 2).
Moreover, the Hounsfield densities in adrenal adenomas are less than 0 in an unenhanced CT.
The software also was used to generate tetrahedral meshes of the combined implant-femur model, taking into account bone density as being linearly related to the Hounsfield unit from the original CT scan--these computational models are suitable for analysis in finite element software such as ANSYS Mechanical APDL.
We are proud to offer Discovery RT with Max Field of View technology enabling clinicians to perform a full view edge-to-edge image acquisition with specified skin line and hounsfield unit (HU) accuracy to help improve patient s radiation treatment plan.
Heterogeneous emphysema is denoted by a >25% difference in emphysema score between ipsilateral upper and lower lobes, measured at a threshold of <-950 Hounsfield units.
The stress--strain measurements were obtained using either an Instron 5581 equipped with a noncontacting extensimeter or a Hounsfield extensimeter equipped with a cathetometer to allow precise measurements of the extension of the sample.
The mass was hyper-attenuating on unenhanced-CT scan, with a density value of 47 Hounsfield units (HU).
Hellinger was able to achieve 1,000 to 1,200 Hounsfield Units (HU) with the high-concentration contrast media, he started progressively lowering the kVp and mA while evaluating image quality.
Tensile strength was performed using the Hounsfield Tensometer model H 10 KS (Hounsfield Test Equipment Co.
Muscle tissue was classified with a Hounsfield unit range of 0 to 150 [28-29], which ensured the exclusion of intramuscular fat.