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Godfrey N., British electronics engineer, 1919-1975. Developed first practical computed tomography device, the EMI scanner; received the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1979 jointly with physicist A. M. Cormack. See: Hounsfield unit, Hounsfield number.
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Biologic therapy correlated with a significant decrease in FAI at one year (median FAI, −71 22 Hounsfield units [HU] at baseline versus −76.09 HU at one year), with concurrent improvement in skin disease (median Psoriasis Area Severity Index, 7.7 at baseline versus 3.2 at one year); those not receiving biologic therapy had no change in FAI (median FAI, −71.98 HU versus −72.66 HU).
The X-ray imaging work was undertaken at the Hounsfield Facility at the University of Nottingham.
Absolute attenuation values in Hounsfield units (HU) were determined by drawing regions of interest (ROIs) of 120 [mm.sup.2] in the lumens of the ascending and descending aorta, main pulmonary artery, superior vena cava, right and left atrium, right and left ventricle, erector spina muscle, and subcutaneous fat tissue.
The vulcanized sheets of 2 mm thickness were cut into dumbbell specimens using a type C die, and tensile testing was carried out using a Hounsfield tensile tester (H10KS, Hounsfield Test Equipment, U.K.) at a crosshead speed of 500 mm/minute according to ASTM D412.
Firstly, the threshold of bone scale selected before cropping for skeletal observation representing by the bone Hounsfield Units (HU) was chosen with a minimum limit of (-1024) Hounsfield Units (HU) and a maximum of (1650) HU.
The lesion was homogenously hypodense with Hounsfield unit suggestive of air content with no enhancement post-contrast.
(10) Higher grades of disease extent and lower Hounsfield densities correspond to increased audiologic air and bone conduction thresholds for hearing stimulation, as well as an increased incidence of stapes footplate complications at time of surgery.
Pre- and post-contrast attenuation reference values for the main celomic organs are reported in Hounsfield units (HU).
Stone nephrolithometry score system was proposed by Okhunov et al7 and is based on 5 variables obtained from non-contrast enhanced computed tomography which include stone size (millimeter-squared, mm2), tract length (skin-to-stone distance in mm), degree of obstruction (presence of hydronephrosis), number of involved calices, and stone essence (stone density in Hounsfield unit, HU).