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Godfrey N., British electronics engineer, 1919-1975. Developed first practical computed tomography device, the EMI scanner; received the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1979 jointly with physicist A. M. Cormack. See: Hounsfield unit, Hounsfield number.
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To optimize the CT angiography protocol, we conducted a systematic study divided into two parts with the aim to determine the kV-specific minimal IDR and contrast media volume necessary to obtain diagnostic aortic intravascular attenuation (350 Hounsfield Units [HU] threshold).
Test parameter Sham-ovariectomized Control rats rats Density of bone 1554 [+ or -] 37 1288 [+ or -] 11 * tissue, hounsfield Test parameter Osteochondrin S Density of bone 1651 [+ or -] 86 + tissue, hounsfield * <0,05 Compare to the values of sham-ovariectomized rats; + <0,05 Compare to the values in the animals of the control group Table II.
The attribute of calcification is seen as highly echogenic line or focus at the rim of AAA on US and dense line or focus with Hounsfield unit of 230 and above on MSCT.
The diagnosis of renal AML is established using computed tomography (CT), showing negative fat density [between -10 and -100 Hounsfield unit (HU)] with an accuracy rate of 86% (3,4).
From the DICOM data the bone anatomy of the patient is segregated using Hounsfield Units value, In the MIMICS the HU value for the bone starts from 226 to 3071.
At this level, the CT values in the abdominal aorta and its three branches, the portal vein and its two branches, and the inferior vena cava were all greater than 340 hounsfield unit (HU).
While no study is presently investigating stone opacity as a predictor in pediatric population, there are fewer studies in the literature about Hounsfield units (HU) predicting the success of SWL in children (15); however, HU can be evaluated in conjunction with NCCT.
Conversely, carcinomas, having less intracytoplasmic fat, will have higher attenuation and greater Hounsfield units than adenomas.
The most significant limitations of CBCT devices are the lack of accurate presentation of the soft tissue internal structure, limited correlation between Hounsfield units for standardized quantification of bone density, and different types of artifacts arising mainly from metal restorations that can interfere with the diagnostic process by masking the underlying structure [6].
Noncontrast head CT demonstrated bifrontal and convexial (intrahemispheric) intracranial air, also known as pneumocephalus (-1000 Hounsfield units), on the bone window.
Hounsfield units are used to measure X-ray attenuation of contrast agents.
This technique is widely used to create a three dimensional model and to assign the density of the bone according to the grayscale or Hounsfield number (HU) [8-9].