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A telephone system often manned by volunteers and dedicated to answering questions about a particular disease or group of diseases–eg, AIDS 'hotline'; or designed to facilitate access to a particular service–eg, abused women 'hotline'. See National Disaster Medical hotline.
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A continuously managed telephone line for communicating with professionals who can help people experiencing crises, such as abuse or neglect, illicit drug distribution, impending suicide, intoxications and poisoning, domestic violence, or rape.
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Q. What to do in a crisis or when you feel depressed? Hi Everybody - I found some great resources for people that feel despondent, suicidal, or simply need to speak to someone about their problems. You don't need to feel bad because there are numerous hotlines with highly trained operators available to help you. These hotlines are 100% FREE to use and completely ANONYMOUS. Please remember that these resources are not associated with iMedix at all. Suicide Prevention / Depression * USA: Hopeline (Suicide): 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) * USA: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-Talk (1-800-8255) * USA: Teen Hotline Covenant House NineLine: 1-800-999-9999 * USA: SOS Teen Hotline: 1-800-949-0057 * USA: Grief Recovery Helpline : 1-800-445-4808 * USA: Directory of local helplines / centers * UK: Samaritans (Nat'l and local): 08457 90 90 90 or * Global directory of suicide hotlines -

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According to Ano, calling the emergency 911 hotline would be free of charge initially for Smart, Talk N' Text, Sun mobile and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.
Quidilla said the PRO-9 hotline numbers are: 0997-3102-365 for Globe and 0961-2877-064 for Smart subscribers
DOH said it will set up its own crisis hotline through the National Center for Mental Health.
Wilfredo Lorenzo Jr., the officer-in-charge of the Ilocos Norte's Information Technology Office, said that soon, calls to the hotlines - 077-600-0948, 077-772-1772, 0999-999-7707, and 0917-109-9911 - will be free.
Although slow, the movement towards hotlines is logical.
INHOPE Hotlines offer the public a way of anonymously reporting Internet material, including child sexual abuse material, which they suspect to be illegal.
When Um Ihab has conflicts with her husband, she calls a hotline and speaks to a woman she has never met and never will.
28 -- A look at the seven essential features to create an effective hotline
Citizens should also expect that their requests are treated in a similar way no matter where in Europe they call the 116 hotline. I call on member states to make every effort to implement the hotline swiftly to put children's safety and security first."a
The hotline provides a single number for missing children and their parents to seek help when away from home anywhere in the EU, such as during family holidays.
Hotlines may be old hat, but the growing ubiquity of all sorts of media to spread the word, enhanced enforcement against corruption by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the recent Dodd-Frank Act's promise of bigger bounties to whistleblowers are focusing new attention on what used to be just a red phone in the corporate counsel's outer office.